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John, Paul Hodge is a citizen of, and certified artist for, the Cherokee (tsalagi) Nation of Oklahoma. He was born and raised in northern California and is inter-related to family members of lake county Pomo bands. John, Paul writes, records and performs many styles of music. His deep soulful voice adds weight to the heavy nature of his more spiritual songs, intended to connect and strengthen all my relations; songs about salmon, labor, prison, alcoholism and smudging. He can also quickly become a clown and ease the audience with laughter, storytelling and with familiar songs. With his guitar and big voice his intention is to remind the people of their importance,  power and connection with what he calls “our great-grandmother’s spirit”.



3.22 8:30-12:30 Graton Casino Resort Rohnert Park

3.24 12-5 Serendipity Cellars Brentwood

4.12&13 8:30-12:30 Graton Casino Resort Rohnert Park

4.19 4-7 Serendipity Cellars Brentwood

4.21 4-7 Hess Brewing Walnut Creek

4.27 Ohlone Powwow Pomona

5.3&4 8:30-12:30 Graton Casino Resort Rohnert Park

5.9 6-9 Dust Bowl Turlock

5.23 5-8 Dust Bowl Monterey

6.2 Many Nations One Land Festival

6.7 4-7 Serendipity Cellars Brentwood

6.27 6-9 Dust Bowl Turlock

6.29&30 8:30-12:30 Graton Casino Resort Rohnert Park

7.18 6-9 Dust Bowl Turlock

8.15 5-8 Oak Farm Lodi

8.16 4-7 Serendipity Cellars Brentwood

8.22 6-9 Dust Bowl Turlock

8.29 5-8 Dust Bowl Monterey

9.12 6-9 Dust Bowl Turlock

9.14 Good Medicine Oakland Museum California

11.7-10 Freakout Fest Seattle

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